NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The Navy's Rescue and Salvage-class vessel USNS Grasp is returning home after a four month mission.

On board the Grasp, 45 U.S. Navy divers and civil service mariners will also be returning home on November 16th.

The ship primarily conducted Dive and Salvage operations to recover missing ships, aircraft, and tow vessels.

According to LaShawn Sykes, a Public Affairs Officer for the Military Sealift Command, this mission was aimed at partnership-building and maritime security in a comprehensive and collaborative manner, located in the North Sea and off the coast of Italy.

"We were doing diving operations over in the Mediterranean, we had a chance to go up into the North Sea off the coast of England, " said Andrew Strause, chief petty officer.

"You know we had a good trip, but it's always good to come home and spend time with your family and be home, and we have thanksgiving come up, so I'm real excited about that," said Wayne Taglieri, 3rd assistant engineer.