VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Ashley Horner continues going strong, training at her gym "American Sled Dogs."

"I don't know how much you can actually prepare for something of this magnitude," she said as she prepares for April 3, when she runs 230 miles in Haiti.

It's a massive challenge running more than 200 miles along the western border of Haiti. She said she'll also be climbing two mountains.

In between training and working, she's also raising three boys. Horner is also a multi-brand sponsored athlete.

"I believe it's a lot of passion with the heart and mental training as well," Horner told 13News Now.

It's exactly that, her heart, which got her here.

"I wanted to leave a lasting impact on people all over the world," said Horner.

For some time now, she's been involved with an orphanage in Haiti. Its mission isn't to get the children adopted, but educate them for free.

Horner's run hopes to raise about $25,000 to help with that.

"I'm wanting to raise enough money to fund the orphanages elementary school for an entire year," she said.

She's already visited the orphanage and is a regular donor but this challenge, is her way of strengthening that relationship.

"I just find time for the things I love and it makes my heart beat wild and I love doing it," Horner told 13News Now.

Horner told says she's done a similar run before.

Last year, she ran 280 miles from Hampton Roads to Wilmington to raise money for survivors of domestic abuse. She raised about $18,000.

If you'd like to donate to her run in Haiti, click here.