NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Dramatic rescues are still going on in Texas, following Hurricane Harvey.

Four Hampton Roads-based Navy helicopter squadrons are on the scene, pitching in. Between the four squadrons, there are 250 people pitching in.

Helicopter Mine Counter-measures Squadron 14, the Vanguards, and, HM-15, the Blackhawks, are on the job, in the skies over Texas.

Flying the MH-53 E Sea Dragon, squadron members have been working out of Joint Base San Antonio to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

On Thursday, they delivered more than 35,000 pounds of bottle water and MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Meanwhile, two other Norfolk based squadrons, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 7, the Dusty Dogs, and HSC-28, the Dragon Whales, have also been on the scene and working hard.

In their first three days of operations, flying their MH-60 Knighthawks, working out of College Station, Texas, they were credited with rescuing 285 people, 11 dogs and a cat, in Houston and Beaumont.

Then, Thursday, HSC- 28 conducted a Search and Rescue mission at a school in Vidor, Texas .

So far, U.S. Fleet Forces Command has sent more than 2,400 sailors and Marines, along with the four squadrons, plus two ships, to support the ongoing Harvey relief efforts .

Given the scope of damage caused by the Category 4 hurricane, the recovery is going to be a long-term effort.

The captain of the USS Kearsarge, which shipped out of Norfolk Thursday, told his crew to be prepared to be gone for 3 to 4 weeks.