NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A motions hearing was held before the start of Anthony Burfoot's federal corruption trial, Wednesday.

The defense presented more than 10 different motions ahead of the trial, which is scheduled for November 7.

While at the hearing, the defense asked for several of the charges to be dropped, however the judge ruled that it was too early to do so, and chose to wait and hear the evidence at trial.

The defense also asked the judge to order the prosecution to present a definition of an official act before the trial begins. The prosecution responded, saying that there is a 30-page indictment that lays out the specific accusations. In the end, the judge ruled in favor of the defense.

Another part of the motions hearing, was the jury selection and how to ensure that Burfoot receives a fair and impartial trial. The defense filed a motion to potentially move the venue to another city if an impartial jury could not be seat.

The judge said there will be about 60 potential jurors brought in. If a jury cannot be seated, additional jurors will be brought in. If there is still trouble seating a jury, then the potential of moving the trial to another city will be discussed.