TURKEY (ABC) -- A Labrador planted himself next to the concertmaster during a performance of Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony in Turkey.

Is your pet a classical music fan?

Is your dog partial to some Bach - or your cat to some Meowzart?

A music-loving dog stole the show during a concert last week by the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Ola Rudner, in Ephesus, Turkey.

The Labrador was rewarded with laughter and applause from the audience when it wandered onstage during the first movement of Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony, before respectfully planting itself down next to the concertmaster.

A video from the performance has gone viral after it was Tweeted by Turkish pianist Fazil Say, "Cutest moment in classical music."

The video was provided by the Ismir Foundations for Culture Arts and Education.