A mosque is supposed to be a sacred, safe place for Muslims to worship in, however recent events have made these holy places, anything but that.

That's why one Texas man took matters into his own hands by trying to spread a powerful message the old school way...with a sign.

The sign reads, "You belong: Stay strong. Be blessed. We are one America."

A picture of the man holding this sign outside an Irving mosque took over Twitter receiving hundreds of thousands of retweets and favorites.

For a few days, the internet had no idea who he was, what his motive was and where he came from. Even Redditors started searching for answers.

That all changed Monday evening. Justin Normand took to Facebook stating he was the man standing outside the Islamic Center of Irving.

"For me, this wasn’t about expressing agreement; I remain Presbyterian, not Muslim," he says.

Normand manages a sign shop and says he had the urge to do this for some time.

He says this wasn't about demonstrating his "outrage to right-wing drivers." Instead,"this was about binding up the wounded. About showing compassion and empathy for the hurting and fearful among us. Or, in some Christian traditions, this was about washing my brother’s feet."

The Facebook post has almost 14,000 shares and almost 50,000 likes in a week's time.

The post concludes by saying the following:

"Lastly, it worked. I felt better for the impact it had on my neighbors. They genuinely needed this encouragement. They need us. They need all of us. They need you."