ROCHESTER, NY (Democrat and Chronicle) -- A contract paraprofessional teacher in New York was fired Monday morning after making an extremely racist Facebook post, according to Children's School of Rochester Principal Jay Piper.

The woman, Cassandra Sutton, was working as a substitute prekindergarten paraprofessional. Screenshots of her Facebook account show a recent posting where she brags of "catching" a black person in the middle of a crime, using the N word and other obscenities.

The woman began working at the school this fall and was employed through TES Staffing, Piper said. She worked as a substitute last year at Lincoln Park School 44.

"She was immediately terminated as soon as we saw the posting," Piper said. "We pride ourselves on our diversity. They were very offensive and hurtful remarks."

Brian Harding, president of TES Staffing, said that she has been removed from any assignments.

"At this point, I don't think she can work for us anymore," Harding said. "Her comments certainly do not reflect our values."

In a statement, the district said Sutton's comments were "unacceptable and will not be tolerated by anyone who works with district students."

Sutton could not be immediately reached for comment.