CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) --On Van Luik Court in Chesapeake there is positivity in the midst of a mess.

"We wouldn't live anywhere else," said neighbor Everette Floyd.

When Hurricane Matthew blasted through the block, a fallen tree barricaded everyone in, including Everette and his wife Sally.

After the power went out, Sally admits she was nervous.

"The two dogs and I slept on the floor in the hall," said Sally.

"We knew we had a generator but what we didn't have is gasoline," said Everette.

That's where Bobby Byrum comes in. He's the reason neighbors are still in good spirits after the storm.

"He's my right hand man," said Everette.

To get the generator running for the Floyds, Bobby grabbed a chainsaw and cut a path through the fallen tree.

He even drove Everette to the gas station.

"We're a generation where that's the way it is," said Byrum. "When something happens, you jump right in there."

"He's always ready to help do something if it needs to be done," said Sally.

For Byrum, calming his neighbors just comes naturally.

And Everette and Sally are glad to have him around.