HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Several people are now speaking out following the arrest of 59-year-old Paul Cash.

Cash was arrested last week after allegedly attacking a Hampton police officer, an hour after his trailer burned to the ground.

Charges are pending in that case.

Cash has a lengthy criminal history including attacking someone with acid.

One family who spoke with 13News Now on Tuesday claims Cash attacked them in the past as well.

Steven Petroff and his daughter Caitlin Marple claim Cash harassed them for years.

“It went from verbal to almost physical to throwing the rock to trying to fight people,” Marple says.

According to court documents, charges were dismissed against Cash, after he allegedly threw a rock at their car three years ago.

“He came up on us fast, we thought we were going to get rear-ended,” Marple says. “When we heard a big band noise, we thought it was a gunshot.”

Cash was previously charged for assaulting a police officer and attacking someone with acid. According to more court documents, the acid is described as pepper spray.

In a separate assault using pepper spray, Cash was sentenced to 12 months in jail, but nearly all of that time was suspended.

Cash's next court appearance is on October 12th.