PERQUIMANS COUNTY, NC. -- A person of interest in the case of missing Perquimans County woman Karen Bosta was recently arrested and charged with crimes unrelated to Bosta's disappearance.

Thomas Edward White Sr. was indicted on one count of obtaining property under false pretenses and one count of attempting to obtain property under false pretenses. Perquimans County Sheriff Shelby White says Thomas White Sr. was questioned about Bosta but has not been connected or charged with her disappearance.

On the morning of May 30, 2015, Bosta's mother Arlene said she gave Bosta her credit card. Bosta was supposed to come home the next day, but never showed up. White Sr. was seen on surveillance video at a gas station using Bosta's mother's credit card the day after Bosta went missing.

"I had given her my Discover card to pick me up a carton of cigarettes because I wasn't able to go out that day. I think he (Thomas White Sr.) has information on what happened to Karen," Arlene said.

Bosta was last seen on surveillance video at a Food Lion store in Edenton, NC. on May 30. Her car was found abandoned in a parking lot not too far away.

Arlene has worked with a number of missing persons organizations since Bosta's disappearance. She is currently working with the Aware Foundation based in Roanoke, Va. They along with police have been working tirelessly to find Bosta without any luck.

The family is offering a reward of $7,500 for information that helps solve the case. The Governor's office is also offering a reward of $5000. Anyone with information is asked to call the Perquiman's County Sheriff's Office or Edenton Police.