NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The USS Gerald R Ford might not be so bad, after all. Months after President Trump criticized the carrier, his new Navy Secretary today offered guarded words of praise for the ship.

Of course the Ford has been in the news, with Richard Spencer's boss, the president, having criticized the $12.9 billion carrier in May, calling it "no good," and saying it's electromagnetic launch system is so sophisticated, it requires Einstein to operate it.

Last week, the Ford successfully recovered and launched an FA-18 Hornet fighter jet from its flight deck. The secretary seemed impressed.

"They had a great series of traps, a great series of launches," said Spence "Everything seems to going as planned." When asked if he thinks the Fiord represents the wave of the future, he said:, "It seems to be working now."

Aboard an MH-60 helicopter, Spencer flew into LP-1 at Chamber Field, after what he called a "terrific day" touring the submarine USS John Warner, and the Ford.

On another controversial matter, Spencer also seemed to contradict the President on the issue of transgender men and women in the military, who Trump this month Tweeted would be banned from active service.

"On a fundamental basis, any patriot who wants to serve and meets all the requirement should be able to serve in our military" he said.

As for current threats from North Korea, Spencer said, "We're going to defend ourselves, we're going to defend our allies."

With that the secretary took off again, bound for Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island South Carolina.

Spencer is the 76th Secretary of the Navy, President Trump's first, having just been sworn in seven days ago, on August 3rd.