NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) – Less than two weeks on the job, Norfolk Sheriff Joe Baron is already dealing with controversy. The FBI is investigating the relationship between former Sheriff Bob McCabe and the medical company in charge of providing health care to the jail, Correct Care Solutions.

At least two subpoenas were issued requesting information about contracts the Norfolk City Jail had with outside vendors and about the jail’s finances. Baron says the investigation is not something he thought would ever be on his plate, but says it’s important for him to be transparent.

“There’s no telling where such allegations come from and whether there is any validity to them or not. My trust has always been in the criminal justice system,” said Baron.

Baron is requesting a complete audit of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office. In one of the letters sent to city council members, Baron writes “I’d like a fresh start, to ensure that the NSO is operating as it should, and to be alerted to any areas that need attention or fixing. The effective efficient, and safe operations of the NSO are the highest priority to me.”

CCS is a Nashville, Tenn. Based company that employs nearly 11,000 people in 38 states and Australia, according to its website.

According to the contract between CCS and the Norfolk Jail, the multimillion dollar agreement was first signed in 2004, a contract that was good for six years. In 2010, the contract was renewed for another six years. It recently expired in December and according to Baron, the company is currently on a month to month basis with the jail.

Baron says an RFP (request for proposal) process is currently underway with the city. According to Baron, the company is being reviewed along with other potential medical companies to see who will be awarded the new contract. Until that process is complete, CCS will remain on a month to month basis.

The new sheriff told 13News Now he wants the community to know that the office is in good hands.

“I trust in the system and we will cooperate 100 percent and give the U.S. Attorney’s Office whatever they’re asking for because I believe in the system,” he said.

No charges have been filed against McCabe or anyone else in the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office. A grand jury is expected to meet next week to review the case.

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