NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A new open data policy has been adopted by the City of Norfolk on Wednesday.

The program, What Works Cities, has selected 100 mid-sized cities nationwide to make city data more consumable and readily available to the public.

The goals of this program are to encourage people to visit each cities websites to take advantage of the data available, and to educate residents about how residents can use the data to improve their communities.

“I’m proud of the work that our staff has done in developing an open data policy and improving our transparency,” states Norfolk Mayor Kenneth C. Alexander. “This program will not only improve staff efficiency, it is also another way we can engage our residents and allow them to share their input regarding the work we are doing in Norfolk.”

All data will be scrutinized for sensitivity and security before being made public.

According to the What Works Cities website, Virginia Beach has also been selected to participate.

Other cities improving their open data policy include, Charoltte, N.C., New Orleans, La., Raleigh, N.C.. The full list of cities can be found here.

What Works Cities was launched by Bloomberg Philanthropies in April of 2015.