NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- It was just a few short months ago that the Navy said goodbye to Captain Doug Beaver. Now the former commanding officer of Naval Station Norfolk has landed, just a few miles away, at Norfolk City Hall.

Since June, Beaver has been the City's new Military Affairs Liaison.

"I'm working through the City Manger's officer to help provide information on stakeholder engagement with the military, also looking at veteran's affairs, how we can better serve or veteran community in Norfolk," he said. "And also, how we make Norfolk the premiere location in coastal Virginia for military members, veterans and their families to live and work."

While Beaver is enthusiastic about what the long-term future holds for the relationship between the city and the Navy, he does have one short term concern.

October first could mark the return of sequestration, and automatic 10% defense cuts, unless Congress votes to repeal it.

"I'm concerned in the sense it would affect the people at Naval Station Norfolk. If they are furloughed and unable to accomplish their mission, that will have an impact.," he said. "What that impact is and how long sequestration would last would be tough to measure, but there is a real human impact. And that would more than assuredly impact the mission at some point."

During the last round of sequestration, in 2013, 21,000 Hampton Roads civil servants were furloughed, costing the region an estimated $6.3 million per day in lost income over the course of a 13 day government shutdown.

The City of Norfolk isn't the only one to hire a former local base commander.

Beaver's predecessor, Bob Clark, is now Old Dominion University's director of military engagement.

Former Naval Air Station Oceana commanding oficer Bob Geiss is now deputy city manager of Chesapeake.

Another recent Oceana skipper, Kit Chope, is now a vice president at the Virginia Port Authority.