NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A jury has recommended a 13 year prison sentence for Billy Everette for a cold case from 2007.

Police found the remains of Lori Jordan in Barraud Park in Norfolk, months after she was reported missing in 2007. In 2016, four people were charged in connection to Jordan's death.

Police charged 78-year-old Frank Everett and 64-year-old Teressa Everett with first degree degree murder, conspire to first degree murder, concealing a dead body, and physically defiling a dead body. They were both sentenced to 5 years, Teressa also received a 24 month suspension for accessory after the fact to murder and defiling and illegally disposing of a body.

Billy Everette was charged with first degree murder and conspire to commit first degree murder. He was convicted Friday, September 29 of involuntary manslaughter, concealment of a dead body, and defilement of a dead body. The jury recommended 13 years in prison for all three felony convictions. He also has a pending probation violation.

A fourth person, 36-year-old Duane Goodson, was also charged with conspiring to murder, concealment of a dead body, defilement of a dead body, and illegal disposal of a dead body on public property. His case has yet to go to trial.