NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Emergency officials are warning the public of a phone scam that has been taking place in the city.

Victims of the scam has been receiving calls from someone claiming that the victim has missed jury duty and that they will need to bring two money orders, called Money Packs, to City Hall and pay at a kiosk in the lobby, according to the NPD Economics Crime Unit.

The victims are then told to bring the bond voucher they will receive from the kiosk to the Norfolk Sheriff's Office and ask to speak with Deputy Brown or Lieutenant Collins. They are told they will then be given a cashier's check for the amount they paid.

The Norfolk's Sheriff's Office would like to remind the public that all correspondence concerning jury duty will be done through the mail.

If you receive the scam call or a similar one, call the Economics Crime Unit at (757) 664-7018 or (757) 664-7026 during off-hours.