SUFFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Going ‘Off The Grid’ may not be easy for many people, but if you’re looking to take that step Full Quiver Farm in Suffolk may be able to help with their organic foods and their ‘Cow Share Program.’

Scott Wilson and his family have been living off their 25 acre farm for 14 years. “To be able to raise food for ourselves, it started out that way. And then we wanted to eventually provide food for other people,” Scott says.

A former computer teacher, Wilson’s animals allows him to provide an income for his family. “We started out with a few chickens and then added some pork and turkeys and beef and we have some dairy cows now.”

And out of all of that, Scotts says, that’s how they make their living. One way, in particular, is their ‘Cow Share Program.’ “It’s a contract between an individual and our farm and multiple families go in together to buy a cow and then they share in the products from that cow.”

With about 20 cows on his farm, he says it’s manageable by his family and it’s sustainable, because it’s scaled to the land that they have. “It works well so that we aren’t maxed out with any one thing that we are doing,” Scott says.

Scott wants a healthy family just like anyone else. He says people are looking for locally raised, organic food. “Since we’ve been here, for the last 14 years, I haven’t put any pesticides or herbicides on our fields at all.” Scott says he wouldn’t do anything that he wouldn’t want his own family to consume.

The Cow Share Program is $100 initially to purchase a share and then a $40 per month boarding fee.

If you would like more information on Full Quiver Farm, you can visit their website HERE.