NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- When going off the grid, Sylvain Marsillac, an ODU professor, practices what he teaches.

Marsillac is an Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor focusing on renewable energy. He made his car a hybrid, then decided to put a solar panel on his home in Norfolk.

Before the professor's solar panel he would spend over $2,000 a year on electricity. Now, with the panels Dominion Energy cuts him a check and he makes about $500 a year.

Dominion Energy spokesperson, Bonita Harris, said he is paid about 14 cents a kilowatt for the energy generated by his solar panel.

Dominion offers a Solar Purchase Program where homeowners and businesses generate and sell electricity and Renewable Energy Certificates directly to Dominion.

Dominion provides a separate meter to measure how much energy is created and put back into the grid.

"It's great for Dominion because the customer gets its own panels, they own them, and they provide power to the grid," Harris said.

While the renewable energy outside Marsillac's home is revolutionary, the life inside is exactly the same.