NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- More tough times could be coming for Hampton Roads shipyards, which have already laid off hundreds of workers in the last two years.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis has sent a letter to the Senate Armed Service Committee outlining the affects of a Continuing Resolution. The federal government is currently operating under a CR, which only funds agencies, through December 8. Beyond that, there are no guarantees.

The letter, obtained by 13News Now, states, that in lieu of a proper long term federal budget, the Navy would have to delay needed maintenance on eleven ships in fiscal year 2018, and would 'slip" those repair jobs into FY '19.

Locally, the change would impact five Hampton Roads-based warships that were scheduled to undergo overhauls next January and February.

The affected warships include:

  • the dock landing ship USS Carter Hall
  • the guided missile destroyer USS Oscar Austin
  • the guided missile cruiser USS Vella gulf
  • the destroyers USS James E. Williams and USS Mahan.