HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Plans for an inflatable water park at Buckroe Beach have been postponed due to permit delays.

The much anticipated floating water park was supposed to open this Summer, but the permit delays will not be resolved until early Fall.

One permit, which requires the water park to anchor to the sea floor, calls for an unexpected pubic hearing by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. That hearing cannot be scheduled until later in the year.

City officials hope to have the permits approved by September. After that they will buy the equipment to prepare for Summer 2018. The park equipment will cost around $175,000 and will be paid for by entrance fees.

"We still look forward to adding this fun feature to Buckroe Beach," said Alisonn Alexander, a planner in the city manager's office.

Once built, the park will be located between the fishing pier and observation pier at Buckroe Beach.