Montgomery County Police have identified a child that was taken to a hospital in Silver Spring over the weekend with injuries to her lower body.

It was a heartbreaking mystery gripping social media on Tuesday - who was this little girl?

Police say the 2-year-old was dropped off with injuries to her lower body - at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring on Sunday.

They say a woman dropped her off. That woman told police her sister gave her the child to babysit on Saturday. The sister never came back for the child by Sunday.

Montgomery County Police say they now know who the child is but they're not releasing her identity. They say they are still trying to determine who the child's parents are and who exactly has guardianship. They are still investigating, and can't say if any charges will be brought against anyone.

Police say the child is in the hospital but they can't elaborate on her injuries nor give us an update on her condition.

People have been sharing the little girl's picture on social media. Thousands have shared her picture since Tuesday morning, including Natalie Wilson, founder of the Black and Missing Foundation.

"My first thought is why wasn't she reported missing and who is this beautiful precious baby, who does she belong to. The most alarming is the report that I read that she had bruises on her lower body so I'm glad someone took her to the hospital," said Wilson.

Police say if you ever encounter a child in danger, you should call police.

The Safe Haven Law , depending on the state, allows adults to drop off a newborn at fire stations, police stations and hospitals without fear of legal consequences. That does not apply in this case, because the little girl is 2 years old.