Correction: Newport News Police originally stated the loaded gun was found on a student who was involved in a fight. Police have since clarified no physical fight took place, and the loaded gun was possessed by a student not involved in the original incident. The article has been updated below to reflect the new information.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- A loaded gun was found in possession of a student at Warwick High School on Wednesday afternoon, police said.

According to Newport News Police, two students got into an argument just before 12:45 p.m. After school security separated the students and classes resumed as normal, police said an administrator was informed another student may have a weapon.

Security searched that 16-year-old student and found a loaded .38 caliber revolver.

The revolver was taken from the boy, who is a 10th grader at the school.

The teen was charged with Underage Possession of a Firearm and Possession of a Firearm on School Property. The student was then transported to Juvenile Detention.

Police say the teen armed with the gun was not involved in the earlier argument.