NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Multiple people were taken to the hospital after two stolen cars were involved in separate crashes, Friday.

The crashes occurred during a police pursuit that began in the 2600 block of Tidewater Dr.

An officer was flagged down at a gas station and learned of a woman who was driving erratically in a pick-up. The officer attempted to stop the woman, on foot, however she fled from the scene, driving down Lindenwold towards 26th St. The officer ran back to his car, and attempted to catch up with the woman.

The pick-up truck ran a red light at the intersections of 26th St. and Leo St. striking two other vehicles. Both of the drivers of those two vehicles were taken to a local area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The officer then left his patrol car and once again tried to apprehend the woman, this time trying to pull her from the truck. The woman once again sped away, this time eastbound on 26th St.

The pick-up truck struck another vehicle at the intersection of 27th St. and Ruffin Way, before running off the road, striking a fence, and then crashing into a tree. The driver of the other vehicle was taken to a local area hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

After crashing into a tree, the woman left the pick-up, attempted to flee on foot, while the pick-up caught on fire. After a short foot-chase the woman was arrested. The pick-up was reported as stolen, and charges are pending.

While the first officer was attempting to apprehend the woman driving the pick-up truck, another officer arrived to assist. The second officer was riding a motorcycle, when an Acura made an illegal U-turn and struck the officer. The man driving the Acura pulled into the gas station before leaving the vehicle and fleeing the scene on foot. The Acura was also reported stolen. The driver of the Acura has not yet been located.

The officer who was hit has been taken to a local area hospital for evaluation, but appears to be okay.