PHILADELPHIA (WVEC) -- Police in Philadelphia said people helped take down a naked man who stole a taxi cab Monday afternoon.

The driver of the cab, Michael Emmanuel, told WPVI (6ABC) that the man came up to his cab just as Emmanuel was dropping off a woman in Rittenhouse Square.

Emmanuel said the man opened the passenger-side door, grabbed the woman by her hair and collar, and dragged her into the street.

Emmanuel said when he went to help the woman, the man jumped into the cab and drove off.

The cab crashed a short time later on Walnut Street near 18th Street.

Witnesses said they saw the man take his clothes off before he got into the cab. They also stated he had been talking to himself prior to the incident.

After people subdued him at the crash site, police took the man into custody and to the hospital.

WPVI, citing sources, said that the man may suffer from mental illness.