HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WVEC) – The legitimacy of the voting process and concerns about irregularities at the polls have been one of the main conversations throughout the election. We wanted to take some of your questions and concerns to those in charge of the voting process.

Many of you brought up concerns about the election being rigged, and not being convinced that your vote actually counts. Donald Trump publicly called the voting process rigged just weeks before the election. Since then election officials have been disputing those allegations.

“They have no justification for saying that and no facts to back it up,” said Dean "Al" Ablowich, chair of the Virginia Beach Electoral board.

Officials says voting is a secure process from storing the ballots all the way up to the moment people cast their votes.

“There is a warehouse that is climate controlled with alarms. It is in the police compound and you have to go through a closed gate to get there,” he said.

Some of our viewers had concerns about some of the touch screen ballots in Virginia Beach two years ago. Those are machines that have since been done away with.

“They were tested and determined to be calibration errors, and no they were not rigged,” said Albowich.

Officials say that will never happen again. It is up to you what you want to believe, but officials say one thing is certain. If you don’t vote, your vote definitely doesn’t count.

“The procedures and policies we have in place assure we have a fair and reliable voting election,” said Albowich.