VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Donald Trump returned to Hampton Roads this weekend.

The Republican candidate for President appeared at a rally at Regent University.

Virginia is rated as "likely Democratic" in the University of Virginia's "Sabato's Crystal Ball" analysis of the Electoral College.

Some experts say Trump might be better served by spending the remaining few days in the race in more competitive "Leans Democratic" states like Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina.

Still, just on Friday, Trump got a bit of good news here in the Old Dominion, from the latest CNU poll.

After trailing by 15 percentage points in Virginia in Monday's Christopher Newport University Wason Center for Public Policy poll, Donald Trump has made up some ground.

According to the center's latest survey, the Republican has narrowed the gap with Hillary Clinton. He's still losing by double digits, but now, by just 12 points: 45 percent to 33 percent.

Perhaps sensing that Virginia and its 13 Electoral College votes could still be within his grasp, Trump will appear at a rally at Regent University at 3 pm on Saturday. Gates open at noon.

"The polling in Virginia is very bad for the Trump campaign," said Old Dominion University Political Science Professor Jesse Richman. "It's possible they know something the rest of us don't, but if not, this looks like an act of bravado."

Some experts, like ODU's Richman, wonder if Trump should focus his energies elsewhere, with less than three weeks to go until the election.

"Virginia has looked bad for Trump most of the year," he said. "The demographics aren't that favorable. Trump's best chance to expand the map has always been in states with large numbers of non-college-educated whites. Virginia has a lot of college-educated people."

Christopher Newport University Political Science Professor Rachel Betecofer agrees that coming here now might not be effective for Trump.

"I cannot figure out why strategically they would be deploying any monetary or, there's no more precious resource than the candidate himself," she said. "And to be deploying him to Virginia, when Virginia's clearly out of reach, just makes no strategic sense."

But Trump Virginia Senior Advisor Mike Rubino has a completely different take. He says that the polls are "incredibly inaccurate."

Rubino goes on to say that "We're going to fight to the last moment in Virginia and we genuinely think we will win in Virginia."