When heading to the polls, keep in mind you are voting for more than just the President or a Governor. There are multiple judicial races going that can have a direct impact on your life.

Our sister station WFMY News 2 broke down who is running for what position, quoted a paragraph from each candidate's website and then linked you to their website so you can find out more information. We are not endorsing any candidate.

The North Carolina Bar Association also completed a Judicial Performance Evaluation Survey that you can look at here.

North Carolina Supreme Court

Seat 2

Robert H. Edmunds (Incumbent)

  • “Justice Edmunds has served as a North Carolina Supreme Court Justice since 2001. Prior to joining the Supreme Court, Justice Edmunds was a Court of Appeals Judge, a private practitioner, and a United States Attorney.” READ MORE HERE

Michael R. Morgan

  • “With eleven current years of trial bench experience as a Superior Court Judge, combined with ten previous years of trial bench experience as a District Court Judge and five prior years of experience conducting hearings as a State Administrative Law Judge, I am unusually seasoned and qualified to capably address the variety of legal matters which come before the Supreme Court.” READ MORE HERE

North Carolina Court of Appeals

Dietz Seat

Richard Dietz (Incumbent)

  • "Judge Dietz has served on the Court of Appeals since September 2014. He has heard nearly 400 appeals and authored more than 100 opinions. He has distinguished himself on the Court with concise, well-reasoned opinions that reflect his unmatched appellate experience." READ MORE HERE

Vince M. Rozier, Jr.

  • "Judge Vince Rozier serves as a Wake County District Court Judge. In 2006, he was the youngest judge ever sworn in at this level in Wake County at the age of 29 years old. Formerly a Wake County prosecutor, he tried nearly 70 jury trials including, murder and other serious felonies. He prosecuted a variety of cases that ranged from wire tapping to sex offenses to drug trafficking." READ MORE HERE

Hunter Seat

Robert N. Hunter, Jr. (Incumbent)

  • "Since 2009, My colleagues on the 3 judge panels on which we served have read or heard on average 12 cases every two weeks. Cases involve business disputes, liberty disputes, divorces, child abuse and the dark stories of violent crimes." READ MORE HERE

Abraham P. Jones

  • "On the bench, I was tough on crime, approached each case with an open mind, treated everyone before me with respect, and ensured that everyone received a full and fair hearing. Fairness, honesty, a working knowledge of the law, and a strong work ethic are qualities that I both value and possess. It would be my honor to serve as your attorney.” READ MORE HERE

Stephens Seat

Linda Stephens (Incumbent)

  • "For over ten years, Linda Stephens has worked hard on the North Carolina Court of Appeals, applying her years of experience and study to complex legal matters. Her deep understanding of the law and her commitment to justice make Judge Linda Stephens a fair and effective judge, who has earned the support of lawyers and former judges from across the political spectrum." READ MORE HERE

Phil Berger Jr.

  • "Phil was appointed in January as a state administrative law judge. As an administrative law judge, he hears appeals of state agency decisions. These cases can involve everything from environmental penalties to state employee discipline issues. READ MORE HERE

Zachary Seat

Valerie Johnson Zachary (Incumbent)

  • "For 26 years, I practiced law with my husband Lee Zachary in Yadkin County. Life and legal practice are very different in North Carolina’s rural areas than in the urban centers, and I am intimately acquainted with the issues impacting North Carolina’s residents. Having a family has also affected my views. Because of these experiences, I bring a different judicial perspective to the cases that I review." READ MORE HERE

Rickye McKoy-Mitchell

  • "I am well-prepared to serve on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. It is my distinct honor and privilege of having the longest tenure among those currently serving as a District Court Judge in the 26th Judicial District. Since 1998, I have presided in every facet of our District Courts and have served as the Lead Judge and Judicial Liaison in many areas. I have fourteen years of civil and criminal trial experience at the state and federal court levels." READ MORE HERE

Geer Seat

Hunter Murphy

  • "I have practiced law in the mountains of North Carolina my entire career. I won my first case before the Court of Appeals after only six months of practicing law. I am proud of my appellate record and I am proud of my trial record. As a trial attorney, I have represented clients in all facets of civil actions and accusations." READ MORE HERE

Donald R. Buie

  • "Since October 1981, I have been in the private practice of law in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I believe that a person should have a personal attorney to provide legal services, the same as he or she has a personal physician to provide medical services. My career has been devoted to providing legal services to this community." READ MORE HERE

Margaret P. Eagles

  • "My service as a District Court judge in Wake County has been incredibly rewarding. During my tenure, I have presided in criminal, civil and juvenile courtrooms with a focus on cases involving abused and neglected children and domestic violence." READ MORE HERE

District Court Judges

Forsyth County

Aaron J. Berlin

  • "My main responsibility is prosecuting felony drug cases in Superior Court. I also prosecute repeat domestic violence and repeat driving while impaired offenders in Superior Court." READ MORE HERE

Carrie F. Vickery

  • "Carrie is strong, fair and compassionate. She can effectively represent the people of Forsyth County in the court that plays the most pivotal role in an individual's life. Whether you are faced with a speeding ticket, a child custody case, or a misdemeanor charge, Carrie has the experience to administer the law fairly." READ MORE HERE

Montgomery, Moore, Randolph Counties

Darren C. Allen

  • No information available

Don (Skipper) Creed (Incumbent)

  • (Via ballotpedia) Don W. "Skipper" Creed Jr. is a district court judge for the 19B Judicial District, serving Montgomery, Moore, and Randolph counties of North Carolina. He was appointed to the court by former Governor Mike Easley in January of 2007 and was sworn in the following Feb. 8. Creed was re-elected in November 2012 to another four-year term that expires in 2016" READ MORE HERE

Guilford County - 4 seats are available

Lora Christine Cubbage

  • "She has worked with a Superior Court Assistant District Attorney, Guilford County Juvenile Court, and has a clear vision of how the judicial system plays a vital role in the success of Guilford County and its citizens." READ MORE HERE

David Sherrill (Incumbent)

  • "David currently serves as a District Court Judge for the 18th Judicial District of North Carolina, which includes all of Guilford County. David possesses a broad base of experience that prepared him to serve as a district court judge." READ MORE HERE


Mark Cummings

  • "Our mission is to provide the highest quality of legal services to our clients, while maintaining
    the highest level of professionalism and ethics." READ MORE HERE

Marc Tyrey

  • "At Tyrey Law, I use extensive experience as a former prosecutor and an attorney in private practice to achieve the best possible results for my clients." READ MORE HERE


Bill Davis

  • "It’s been my privilege to be a practicing attorney in this county for the past 17 years and my honor to run for Judge now. I’m running on a platform of experience, ability, and integrity. Vote for me for District Court Judge on November 8th." READ MORE HERE

Miranda Reynolds Reavis

  • "I'm passionate about upholding justice and maintaining fairness, and am dedicated to serving Guilford county." READ MORE HERE


Tonia A. Cutchin

  • "Tonia Cutchin is a candidate for Guilford County District Court Judge. She is an experienced candidate dedicated to fairness, integrity, and justice." READ MORE HERE

Randle L. Jones (Incumbent)

  • (Via ballotpedia) "Randle L. Jones is a district court judge for the 18th Judicial District, which presides over Guilford County in North Carolina. He was appointed to the court by Governor Pat McCrory on March 11, 2014 to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Sherry F. Alloway" READ MORE HERE


Angela C. Foster (Incumbent)

  • "My experience as a District Court Judge has been more than I imagined, and has helped me develop a genuine appreciation for the trials and tribulations of my fellow residents. I have worked in each and every courtroom handling all matters in District Court including Juvenile Criminal cases and Department of Social Services cases. I have worked efficiently and have endeavored to provide Guilford County with strong and consistent decisions. It is my great hope to continue to serve the people of this county." READ MORE HERE

John Stone

  • "I have worked as an Assistant District Attorney here in Greensboro, North Carolina for almost five years. I've established a reputation for being fair but tough on crime. I have prosecuted thousands of cases in Guilford County District Court." READ MORE HERE

Superior Court Judge

Davidson and Davie Counties

Jeffrey J. Berg

  • "Since 1990, Jeffrey has been diligently serving the community in various capacities; as a lawyer, volunteer, and community leader." READ MORE HERE

Lori Hamilton

  • "I serve God first. I believe in the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights, which surely includes the Second Amendment right of citizens to keep and bear arms, and also includes the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments – those unique and essential civil rights which set us apart from every other nation in the world." READ MORE HERE

Forsyth County

Jonathan Scott Dills

  • "This position presides over the most serious of all the criminal and civil matters in our County. I am the most experienced and qualified candidate. I have 25+ years of experience successfully litigating in Superior Court. I am conservative and community focused. With nearly 5 decades in the very District in which I now run, I take the job of protecting you and your family seriously." READ MORE HERE

Eric Morgan (Incumbent)

  • "As a Superior Court Judge, I have held court in 16 counties in North Carolina, and have presided over numerous felony criminal cases and civil cases. My background and prior experience in Superior Court as a trial lawyer for more than 23 years was very important preparation for my service as a Superior Court Judge." READ MORE HERE