NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The vice presidential candidates are about to take center stage in the race for the White House. Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine are getting ready for their one and only debate on Tuesday.

Students at Old Dominion University tell 13News Now they will be paying close attention to the debate.

"If something happens to the president, they are gonna be the ones stepping up," said Serenity Novak.

"Joe Biden was very influential in Barack Obama's time in office, so I think the vice president in this election is gonna be just as influential," added Kira Gindes.

The problem for a lot of students at ODU is the Democratic or Republican name that will come in front of "presidency."

"Both candidates are kind of not the best choice for this country," said Emma Buttridge.

"The two candidates that we have are just not really appealing to me at all," said Novak.

Despite their feelings toward Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, students -- some of whom will be voting for the first time -- are taking the election seriously. Millennials are hoping Tim Kaine and Mike Pence will debate issues that are important to young people.

"I'm more into abortion and religious disputes," said Joshua Misquith.

"Their views on how much tuition should be for colleges and also their foreign affairs," added another student.

Gindes said she'll be looking at what she feels are more truthful and candid answers from the candidates. "That's not what we're getting enough of. We're getting personal things thrown into this, and that's not what it's about," she said.

Studies by Wason Center for Public Policy show Millennials' disinterest in Clinton and Trump are pushing them toward a third-party option. Political scientists say a strong vice presidential debate performance Tuesday could have the potential to bring Millennials back to the Democratic or Republican nominee.