As you sit in your dark living room watching the electoral map change colors and pouring yourself another glass of wine, President Obama has a special message for you: Life will go on.

He didn’t say that exactly, but close enough. In a special election night message provided to Buzzfeed, Obama told the nation to remember that regardless of who wins, America will continue kicking butt and taking names.

“Remember, no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning and America will still be the greatest nation on Earth,” Obama said.

Buzzfeed tweeted the almost two-minute long clip on Tuesday night as many of the polls closed across the country.

In the message, Obama said that Americans were likely happy to see the divisive election come to an end.

“It’s finally election night,” he said. "I imagine that’s welcome news to most of you, because let's face it this has been an exhausting, stressful and sometimes downright weird election for all of us.”

Yes, it’s certainly been weird, Mr. President.

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