RICHMOND, Va. (WVEC) -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam is calling out his Republican opponent over health care.

On Thursday, Northam and his staff used Facebook to read aloud all 142 pages of the Senate GOP's health care bill, while standing next to a cardboard cutout of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie.

The Northam camp did it in response to Gillespie previously saying he hadn't read the bill. Northam, who opposes the bill, has repeatedly called on Gillespie to take a stand on it.

Ed Gillespie's Communications Director David Abrams sent 13News Now this statement:

"While Ed has commented repeatedly on health care bills in Congress, it's telling that Lieutenant Governor Northam can find the time to read a federal policy proposal, but can't find time to propose state policies of his own like Ed is doing, or to show up to the ten debates proposed by Ed to discuss these very issues."

Garren Shipley with the Republican National Committee criticized Northam's actions, saying Northam "has been so consumed with opposing the president that he hasn't actually managed to campaign on any state-level initiatives yet."

Shipley added, "Does Ralph Northam want to be Governor, or is he running for U.S. Senate?"