PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- Sunday morning after service, the parishioners at the Redeemer Lutheran Church started their potluck fellowship meal when someone noticed cars in the parking lot and their church building on Airline Boulevard was vandalized with blue spray paint.

Some of the vandalism included vulgar and lewd expressions.

Church member Fred Boalt described how members felt when they discovered the vandalism. "You should feel safe, you should feel safe, it's just a sad situation," stated Boalt from his home.

Boalt said not only did the vandals spray paint the church building but they painted at least ten cars in the parking lot. His license plate was covered in the blue paint.

"I want to know why, how did we in the church prompt them to want to strike out, lash out at us?" questioned Boalt.

Boalt told 13News Now that they called the police and four officers responded, however Boalt said it is wasted energy to be upset.

"Some people became very angry this morning but there was nothing you can do about it, so why be upset, why be angry? Well, my wife said we can pray for them," stated Boalt.