NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- A Newport News principal and secretary are on administrative leave after praying for a student at school.

Newport News Public Schools’ Human Resources Department got an anonymous report about the alleged incident back on May 17.

A kindergarten student was being combative in class. Several staff members, including the principal and a secretary, went to the room to assist.

After all the other students left, the secretary reportedly prayed for the student using holy oil or water.

According to school officials, the child's mother was present and left the room, but was aware of the prayer.

13News Now reached out to McIntosh’s principal, but she declined to comment on the situation.

There's mixed reaction from parents following the news.

Marvin Pringle and Lashana Saxby have a child at McIntosh. They're stunned and confused at the same time.

“I was surprised,” Pringle says. “The holy water and oil, where did it come from?”

“Maybe they thought they were doing something good, so it can go 50-50.”

Andrea Stalnic also has a child at the elementary school. She doesn't believe the principal or secretary did anything wrong.

“With the parent involved I'm fine with it, the (principal and secretary) need to be put back in school,” Stalnic says.

A Newport News Public Schools spokesperson says there should be an update by the end of the week.