CHOWAN COUNTY, NC. (WVEC) -- Officials are monitoring algae blooms and are urging the public to avoid contact with green or blue water in the Chowan River.

Summer recreational activities in the water may be canceled or postponed if necessary.

The algal bloom is currently along the eastern side of the river from Arrowhead Beach area south to Edenton, and continues east along the shoreline until just beyond the N.C. Highway 32 bridge.

North Carolina has had no reports of adverse health effects in people associated with this algal bloom.

According to officials, the algae has been identified as Anabaena, an member of the blue-green family of algae.

Algal blooms of this type usually appear bright green, however, when a bloom starts to decay, the color can change to a milky blue. The decaying algae produces a strong, foul odor that can impact a large area.

State health officials are encouraging the public to avoid contact with large accumulations of algae and prevent children and pets from swimming or ingesting in algae.

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