VIRGINIA BEACH – Just one week before Election Day, a Virginia Beach man received some help from an unexpected place.

Robert Cantrell was injured in a freak accident a few weeks ago. He was at a Virginia Beach Wawa trying to fill his tires with air. He thought he put his car in park, but quickly discovered it was in reverse as it started to roll over him.

Cantrell broke his hip in two places during the accident, ending up in the Kempsville Health and Rehab Center in Virginia Beach to recover. He soon realized he wouldn’t be able to make it out to the polls Tuesday to cast his ballot. After the accident he decided to register as an absentee voter but put the address for the Rehab Center by mistake, instead of his permanent home address.

“They said your request for absentee ballot is rejected and I went right to the floor,” said Cantrell.

Cantrell spent most of the day Monday on the phone with the Virginia Beach Registrar’s office trying to figure out a solution, just hours before the deadline. The solution ended up being a simple one, an act of kindness.
Someone from the registrar’s office personally came to the rehab center to bring him the registration form to make sure it made it in before the deadline.

“There are some damn nice people here, this is a good city,” said Cantrell.

Even with negativity surrounding this election, Cantrell says it was so important for him to cast his ballot, and hopes others do the same.

“They owe it to themselves and their community to vote just to make their voice heard,” he said.

Cantrell says he is thankful that the registrar’s office went above and beyond to help him out.