VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- For many community members, it feels like the Holland road construction project will never end. On Monday, people finally got some good news, VDOT started the paving process.

Driver Alan Kluttz said, "Woah, I'm excited about that. I mean who doesn't drive on good pavement."

Kluttz says driving on bumps and potholes for over two years was stressful and he is happy to hear VDOT is right on track with the construction project.

"It's exciting. I have seen the city plans for the outlay four lanes and a turn lane and it's going to be great and good," explained Kluttz.

For other drivers, this construction has been a nightmare for years and they are ready to see it over.

Kathy Cunningham told 13News Now, this road is to blame for taking thousands of dollars out of her pocket.

"We have had to replace tires, I've had to get one of those fixed two months later when I picked up debris," said Cunningham. "Both of our cars has needed suspension work in the past couple of months."

VDOT plans to help relieve that headache for drivers and pave portions of Holland Road between Dam Neck and Nimmo Parkway over the next several weeks.

It will affect entrances to certain neighborhoods like the Holland Pines neighborhood and the Greenwood community.

"It will be great to finally be over having to drive that horrific road," explained Cunningham.

Drivers say they're just ready for the project to be complete so they can stop worrying about construction cones and potholes.

"I think they are doing the right thing, it's just a lengthy process," said Kluttz.

The whole project is expected to be completed by October.