YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- Flies can definitely be a pest, especially inside your home.

Well fruit flies appear to be a problem in kitchens all across Peninsula.

Hundreds of people are taking to social media with concerns that there is a fruit fly increase in our area.

“My poor husband couldn't even come in and they were swarming,” Grafton resident Melissa Enyart says.

Melissa Enyart has lived in her York County home for 13 years.

However, she's recently noticed an increase in what she believes are fruit flies in her home.

She started making homemade traps about a month ago, but the pests won't seem to go away.

“My husband would come in with the fly swatter and be smacking them all over the place,” Enyart says.

Enyart isn't the only one who claims to have an increase in flies in their home.

In fact, in the last several days, hundreds of people have been weighing in online with their concerns, wondering if there really is a fruit fly increase in Hampton Roads.

Larry Slattery says this is the worst he's seen in his Poquoson home since he moved in 13 years ago.

“I catch about 20 or 30 at a time and throw them out four or five times a day,” Slattery says.

Experts over at the Virginia Cooperative Extension office in York County say these may not necessarily be fruit flies in your home.

Megan Tierney with Virginia Cooperative Extension says they could be a number of different types of flies or gnats, whether they come in on house plants or flies that show up because of septic breaks at the home.

“If you can knock one down and if it has red eyes, it is a fruit fly,” Tierney says. “If it doesn't have red eyes it could be a number of other flies.”

Tierney says they cannot say if there is an increase in fruit flies in our area.

The best advice she has for homeowners, bring the flies to them.

“The most important thing to do is get a sample and bring it in to get it identified so we can see what they're feeding on,” Tierney says.