GLOUCESTER COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- It's a burden that's getting heavier and heavier for Gloucester residents, paying the toll at the Coleman Bridge.

There's still a push to lower the toll.

Gloucester County Board of supervisors recently met with Virginia Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne to figure out how much longer drivers must pay.

Gloucester Board of Supervisors Chair Phillip Bazzani calls the toll an unfair tax.

Hey says the board met with Secretary Layne so they could understand the financial structure of the bridge.

“Many residents wonder how much is it costing us, when will it be paid off, when will we see relief,” Bazzani says

Other options they brought to the table include having the state to take over the maintenance of the bridge, which would result in lower tolls.

Bazzani believes the toll is hindering the economic development growth in Gloucester county.

“If we can reduce tolls it will help businesses start up and help the county grow economically,” Bazzani says.

Gloucester county residents are also speaking out about their concerns.

One Gloucester county resident wrote a letter to Congressman Rob Wittman expressing his concern about the toll and how the toll is stifling growth in the county.

Bazzani believes progress is being made.

The board is meeting with state officials Tuesday to discuss the financial plan of the bridge.

For more information about the impact to Gloucester County, read the York District Herald here.