VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- In a cardiac arrest emergency, seconds could be the matter between life and death.

“The Supervisor, everyone is coming in for a cardiac arrest,” said Derek Fuller, EMS Volunteer at Princess Anne Courthouse Rescue Squad.

And Fuller said when time matters, proper equipment is key.

“To give the patient the best survival opportunity,” Fuller said.

Recently, a literal life-saver at Fuller’s station has changed the game. It’s called the LUCAS device and it performs automated chest compressions.

“Traditionally with CPR, you have to have people switch out every two minutes, with LUCAS you don’t have to do that,” said Fuller.

But these machines can cost stations up to $13,000, according to Fuller. He said it’s hard get for a volunteer squad, but that’s where recent help has stepped in.

Across the street, giving hands at the Firehouse Subs in Strawbridge Marketplace have made purchases possible.

“Some people amaze you,” said Bob Bates, franchise owner.

For about 3 years, the shop has been in the business of giving. All donations help first responders and the latest funds went to two new LUCAS devices for Fuller’s organization.

Bates said customers just round up to an even total on their bill or drop money into a bucket.

“I got a guy that comes in twice a week in the morning and gives me an extra dollar every time,” Bates said.

And the generosity has added up big time. So far, more than $50,000 dollars has been raised and the giving continues.

“Especially when [customers] find out it really goes local. That means a lot to people,” said Bates.

Since getting the new devices in October, Fuller said they have saved multiple lives.

“We’re very grateful. It keeps our organization alive,” Fuller said.

The two new additions give the Princess Anne Courthouse Rescue Squad a total of four LUCAS devices.