NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- Fire officials say a fire at Plaza Azteca Tuesday night was accidental and caused by an electrical short in the attic.

Emergency crews rushed to the restaurant just after 8:30 p.m. to find smoke and fire coming from the side of the building.

The fire continued to grow and less than 30 minutes after arriving, firefighters evacuated the building after noticing how intense the fire had become in the attic space and along the roof.

The fire was under control just before 10:30 p.m. roughly two hours after receiving the first call.

According to the restaurant managers all the staff and customers made it out safely. No one was injured.

Carolyn and James Kent were enjoying dinner at the restaurant. Around 8:30, their waiter told them they had to leave.

“When we went outside and saw the flames I said oh my God,” Carolyn Kent says. “It scared me because I’ve never been in burning building.”

The restaurant’s owner tells 13News Now they're working on relocating their 22 employees to the five other Plaza Azteca restaurants in Newport News while they figure out what to do next.