VIRGINIA (WVEC) -- According to TRIP, a national transportation group, Virginia's rural roads have high rates of fatalities and poor conditions compared to the rest of the nation.

The report states that Virginia is ranked 11th in the number of fatalities on rural roads. The total comes to 2.46 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled-- nearly five times higher than the fatality on all other roads in the state.

The report also claims 20 percent of rural pavements are in poor condition, and 24 percent are in mediocre condition.

Virginia's poor conditioned roads are ranked the as the 14th highest in the nation.

"The TRIP report sheds light on the importance of safety on rural roads and the need for improved infrastructure for future economic vitality,” said Joyce Waugh, president and CEO of the Roanoke Regional Chamber.

Seven percent of Virginia's rural bridges are labeled as structurally deficient.

So many aspects rely on quality roads, like connecting farms to markets, access to jobs and supporting the tourism industry. American's in rural settings are more reliant on roads than those in urban settings.

South Carolina was ranked the highest for rural road fatalities.