VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- People in the Windsor Woods area of Virginia Beach are rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew, but now they're becoming victims to scrappers.

Neighbors say they've had people take belongings from their yards on Old Forge Road. These are items they set outside while they've been fixing the inside of their homes.

"We had to move stuff outside and upstairs and the rest outside," said Holly Furlong, who lives on the street. "People come by with their vans, and trucks and even trailers and they'll pull up in somebody's yard and without even asking, start loading up and if you chase them away, they'll just come back in the dark."

Furlong had to call police the other day when she saw someone trying to load up her neighbor's things from his front yard.

"They're having to post watches out there to protect it during the night because even though it's posted with signs, the scrappers and looters are coming and taking things," said Furlong.

Glen Elliott is the man who lives across the street who Furlong was looking out for.

"She explained to him 'Hey you're not supposed to be doing that. These people worked their whole lives for what they have,'" said Elliott.

Some neighbors have signs posted throughout the neighborhood and they said they just want their things left alone so they can just concentrate on fixing their homes.

"It's unfair to us and it's unfair to people who might unknowingly flood damaged, contaminated goods," said Furlong.

Elliott and Furlong said even things that look damaged should be left alone because those things are needed for insurance adjusters to look at.

They said they've noticed more police patrols around since people started reported the scrappers in the neighborhood.