VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- As sisters Robin and Polly Boyette walk their dogs, Benjamin Franklin and Indiana Jones, through their Sherwood Lakes neighborhood they recall how their community flooded during Hurricane Matthew last year.

"Well last year we went to bed and we had water up to our steps, and when we got up the next morning it was on our porch," said Robin Boyette. Her sister Polly added, "We had water come up to our porch, our outdoor porch so we had fish and turtles and all of that nibbling at the front steps of our porch that was pretty scary."

Their community borders on a couple of lakes and when it flooded last year residents used kayaks and canoes to get back and forth, in fact the sisters said one neighbor had an oxygen tank delivered to their home on a boat for medical reasons.

Since last year the Boyettes said the city has been proactive in monitoring the depth of the lakes.

Last year the lake was measured at around six feet.

"We've had some meetings with the city and they've been a little more vigilant we've seen pumps out here. It's at four feet right now, I'd rather it be at three feet!" laughed Robin Boyette.