Cars have been slipping and sliding across Hampton Roads Thursday. Some roads are being plowed while others are not, leaving many people stuck.

Squealing tires was a common sound.

"Like I helped at least three our four people get out of a rut," said Miguel Ortiz.

Ortiz, and his monster truck, Big Baby, are among many good Samaritans, shoveling out their fellow drivers. One second your gliding, the next you're sliding.

"You get out of those lanes for a second and you hit that fluffy snow and that slows down the side of your car and you start spinning sideways and that's how I've seen everybody wipe out," said Ortiz.

Major highways, like Virginia Beach Boulevard, are being plowed continuously, while some neighborhood streets haven't been touched at all. Many drivers haven't even bothered digging out, while others simply gave up.

"My car is currently stuck in an intersection in Norfolk. I'm walking," said Courtney Conaway.

However, for Conaway and her friend Clinton walking can be just as treacherous. All the snow from the street is being pushed onto sidewalks.

"Oh its a massive challenge because you can either trudge through the snow and ware yourself out or you can walk where it's nice and flat, but you have to look out for cars, so you just have to be vigilant and aware," said Clinton.

Many business, with large parking lots, are also struggling.

Step in professional teacher and amateur shoveler, Ken Garrison, he's making a few extra bucks while school is closed.

"We're getting a couple hundred dollars an hour depending on the size of the lot," said Garrison.

He says in this weather, if you have a snowblower, you feel like a hero.

"Helped a gentleman with a long driveway so that he could get out and get his elderly family out," said Garrison.