VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- It may seem as if voters just went to the polls, but they did so again Tuesday in Virginia Beach.

It's a special election to pick Rep.Scott Taylor's replacement in the 85th House of Delegates District.

Neither snow nor ice would keep the candidates away. Or for that matter, the voters. There was a steady flow of them at Providence Presbyterian Church at mid-morning.

At stake: the 85th House District seat in central Virginia Beach, held for more than 30 years by Republicans, most recently by by Scott Taylor, who has since gone on to Congress.

Today's special election features Republican N.D. "Rocky" Holcomb, a captain in the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Department, versus and Democrat Cheryl Turpin, a science teacher at Cox High School.

According to the Virginia Department of Elections Campaign Finance Reports, Turpin enjoys a substantial fundraising advantage, having raised more than $104,000, to Holcomb's $66,000.

All, for a part-time job that pays $17,640 per year.

"I hope to actually work in a bipartisan manner to work on budget issues and transportation issues and I'm actually a big advocate law enforcement," said Holcomb. "I'm a law enforcement officer for 25 yeas. And I think that before we can grow the economy and before we can have better schools, we have to make our community safe. People need to feel safe in their home."

"This is all about education," said Turpin. "A large part of our state budget is education. And I think reforming education from an educator's perspective is key. It's all about knowing who your students are, who their parents are, and who's in the community. And it's all about change."

Whoever wins, it won't change overall control of the House of Delegates, where, Republicans currently enjoy a 65-to-34 majority.