How much of a role does social media play when it comes to who you will vote for?

Twitter may be getting as much press this election cycle, as some of the candidates vying for the presidency.

13News Now Investigative Reporter Laura Geller and Political Analyst Dr. Quentin Kidd looked into just what the candidates were tweeting, and the effect that it had during the election.

“I would argue that this election the primary way that candidates have personally communicated to the voters is through Twitter,” 13News Now Political Analyst Dr. Quentin Kidd said.

Thanks to computer coding 13News Now was able to analyze more than 6,000 tweets. What words or hashtags did the candidates use the most? How often did they tweet about the issues that are important to Hampton Roads residents?

What could a candidate say in just 140 characters that could sway your vote? Does the timing, or the amount of posts make a difference?

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