NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- It took more than 20 years, but this year one Army National Guard Reservist finally came clean.

"I hid myself for so long," she said.

She now goes by Delila Elaine. For the first time in her life, she said she truly feels happy. Six months ago, Delila started her transition.

"It's about being yourself and happy," she said.

That meant her parents, wife, and three kids.

"It was hard to do but the fact is I did it and I plan to keep going with my process," she told 13News Now.

Telling people also meant telling her unit.

"I felt relieved. He (unit commander) was very understanding and he was honest me and said anything he didn't understand he'd be willing to learn," said Delila.

The President announcing on Wednesday the United States government will not allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity of the military.

"It was hurtful and honestly, I felt betrayed," she said.

She said her peers who serve, should be allowed to serve regardless.

"They were willing to put their life on the life for everyone else's freedom especially those who can't serve and that's what it should be about," she said.