VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- Former Waypoint at Lynnhaven Apartment tenants have a date set to take management to court.

They want answers and restitution after being kicked out and acquiring damaged belongings.

"I think Waypoint acted too fast in thinking the tenants didn't want their belongings," said Lorenzo Goode.

Goode and dozens of others were kicked out of Waypoint after Hurricane Matthew. Management told residents asbestos was present in units, including Goode’s.

Goode is one of two former tenants now suing Waypoint. He claims more than $23,000 worth of his items were damaged because of an overreaction and careless nature from management.

He wants back the money, but ultimately he wants his life back.

"I know it'll never be the same," said Goode. “I want my life back the way it was before all of this mess happened.”

"We've taken that first step to file in the courts and that's just to put pressure on Waypoint to let them know we're serious,” said Cornelia Woodley, with Gary C. Byler Law Office, which is the firm representing tenants.

13News Now reached out to Waypoint’s lawyer, Paul Schmidt, but he did not comment on the grounds that this is pending litigation.

A trial date in Virginia Beach General District Court is set for May 15. Stay with 13News Now for updates.