VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A talented musician who lives in Virginia Beach has figured out a unique way to spread the magic of his music, one mile at a time.

B.J. Griffin grew up near the Motown studio in Detroit, Michigan.

His grandmother used to serenade him with tunes from Sam Cook and Etta James. Those tunes became part of his musical DNA as he earned a music degree from James Madison University.

The accomplished cello player and high tenor has toured the world and has taught music from New York to Virginia Beach.

He also has a band called BJ and the Galaxy Groove. The band tours the mid-Atlantic region, and they are regulars at the oceanfront.

Still, financially, it's not enough.

Earlier this month Griffin started driving for the ride-sharing service Uber. This part- time job was a natural fit for the man who loves to meet new people.

"So now I am a singing Uber driver so you can get in my car and I sing to you, we can do some karaoke together," said Griffin.

His Ford Expedition is equipped with an iPad that allows passengers serve as the DJ while Griffin does the driving.

Riding with Griffin is more than just a lift, for many of his passengers, it's uplifting.

Recently, a trip brought one passenger, a former singer, to tears.

"She was a little nervous at first, so we got to singing Whitney Houston she got a little emotional, and it reminded her of when she used to sing. That's kind of what I'm looking for. I want to inspire people to use music to bring back those old feelings" said Griffin.

Griffin says he has approached Uber to determine if the ride-sharing service will create what he calls Uber Sings as a means to offer a karaoke experience to passengers.