NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- After ten months on the sidelines, the USS Harry S. Truman is one step closer to returning to the fight tonight.

The aircraft carrier wrapped up a lengthy shipyard period last week, and today, completed five days of sea trials.

Today's arrival of the Truman at Naval Station Norfolk was as symbolic as it was anything else. With the ship having gotten out of the Norfolk naval Shipyard in Portsmouth nearly one day after a major overhaul. TAnd that's something that doesn't happen all the time."

"Yes, I'm very happy, we needed a win," said Michael Jennings, project supervisor at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. " It's been a while since we delivered a carrier on time. And we're just glad to be a part of it. And happy to make the mission possible for the Harry S. Truman."

Last week, the Truman completed what's called a "Planned Incremental Availability" at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The warship underwent numerous repairs and systems upgrades.

"You bring a team of hard-working, dedicated individuals together and actually make them a team, they can accomplish amazing things," said Rear Admiral Dale Horan, commander Carrier Strike Group 8. "And that's what they did."

After ten months in the shipyard, and five grueling days of sea trials, the Truman now rejoins the fleet, ready to take its place among deploying assets. And that's just the way the captain and crew like it.

"I like to say we are kind of at half-time," said Captain Ryan Scholl, the Truman's C.O. "We were in the fight for the first half. We took a little bit of a break to rest, re-fit , get some water in us, get fired up to get back in the fleet. I can tell you, the crew is very fired up to get back out at sea, start executing what they do every day."

The Truman's departure from the Naval shipyard opens up a spot there for the USS Dwight D Eisenhower. The Ike is scheduled to begin its shipyard availability in August.

Similarly, the recent completion of a four-year mid-life overhaul and nuclear refueling for the USS Abraham Lincoln, clears a spot at Newport New shipbuilding for the USS George Washington later this summer.