VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. (WVEC) - Wind and tidal flooding concerns aren't enough to stop people from enjoying Neptune Festival preparations.

Sandsculpters are hard at work, perfecting their craft.

Wilfred Stijger said he comes to the oceanfront every year for this event.

"They see the sculpture and they say alright, nice. Nice, that was good," Stijger said.

Stijger traveled nearly four thousand miles from Holland to possibly win thousands of dollars.

"We are very dependent on the weather in our branch," he said. "So the weather is always kind of a thing."

He is thankful he and his partner don't have to deal with the wind, rain, and storm surge from Hurricane Maria.

"Sometimes you will hear the wind and plastic flapping and the only thing you think is thank God we have a tent," he explained.

Stijger said if there wasn't a tent, the sculptures would be losing parts and be ruined by the end of the weekend.

While artists spend hours working hard inside, festival crews are setting up outside and braving the conditions.

"Putting up some of the tents on the boardwalk was a little bit more challenging in the higher winds but they are going up and they got a lot of them up," explained Becky Bump with the festival.

Crews are using extra manpower and triple checking tents to make sure everything is tied down properly.

Organizers say they are thankful the forecast for this weekend is expected to be beautiful.